How To Check Turbine Input Shaft Sensor Wiring Connector Of A 2003 Lamborghini Gallardo

How locate speed sensor wire 2003, The wire your looking for can be found behind the instrument cluster. it is the white/black wire in the white plug on the back of the cluster. . a simple explanation can be found in the owner's. Where input turbine speed sensor located 2002, Finish spinning the sensor and wiring harness out. once it is out take it to the parts store with you. you want to make sure you get a replacement that has the wiring harness and connector on the end.. Input turbine speed sensor | ebay, Input turbine speed sensor tss oem for ford focus 4f27e mazda fn4a-el automatic see more like this rostra 04800878bb sensor, input turbine speed (tss) a604 40te 41ae 41te 89-17 #1 ebay transmission parts seller!. Turbine shaft speed sensor question - car forums , Some of the generic transmission manuals call this sensor a “turbine speed sensor”. on the 4t80e transmission it is mounted next to a gear that comes off the input shaft, which is behind the torque converter. i assume that the “turbine” the manuals refer to is the torque converter..

Input turbine sensor wiring plug short, 2013 ram 2500. input turbine sensor obd code p07_ _ . burnt gatored wiring plug short occurred. transmission shift problems due speed data ecm.. Error code p0715: input/turbine speed sensor circuit, If wiring checks , mechanic replace sensor, reset pcm vehicle test drive. problem persists, issue automatic transmission .. P0715 – turbine shaft speed (tss) sensor -circuit malfunction, The automatic transmission tss (turbine shaft speed) iss (input shaft speed) sensor transmission input speed transmission control module (tcm). iss sensor permanent magnet (pm) generator hall-effect switch (creates on– square wave signal pcm/tcm speed detection).. Lamborhini gallardo, vehicle speed sensor - fixya, Source: lamborghini gallardo superllegera 2008 sensor case transmission, check damaged wiring pulled loose connector vss sensor upstream..